Glance of Sun - Nandi Hills

A Mind Refreshing Morning Trip to Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of the popular weekend getaways from Bangalore which is located around 60 km’s from Bangalore. Nandi hills resemble a sleeping bull as the name suggests and it is approximately at a height of 4851 feet above sea level.

As I was traveling with my family I have booked Ola Oustation Prime SUV cab (showed approximate fare as Rs. 2740 for 12 Hour / 175 Km). We started our journey towards Nandi Hills around 4:30 AM from Bangalore. Around 5:30 AM the cab stopped just before climbing the hill and we can see a long queue of bikes and cars ahead of us. When we asked the driver why are we stopping there, the driver said that the road opens at 6:00 AM and we have to wait half an hour.

The hill has around 20 sharp steep curves and you will love it to the core. When we reached the top we came across a checkpoint or so called entry gate where we have to pay Rs 150 for taking our vehicle inside whereas two wheelers are not allowed beyond this point.

After getting down from the car we headed straight to the sunrise point to see the amazing sun rise. We had waited more than 1 hour but to our disappointment, we could not see the sun rise as there was a lot of fog that morning. The view out there was impeccable and breath taking. There is no word to describe so amazing and incredible view. A chilled breeze was blowing which can easily make you think that you are in Himalayan range.

Foggy Morning - Nandi Hills
Foggy Morning – Nandi Hills

Other than sun rise there is not much to visit out here. Nandi hills have many temples including Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha, and Sri Yoga Narasimha. If you are going along with a kid, then there is also a Children’s playground.

Sri Bhoga Narashimha - Nandi Hills
Sri Bhoga Narasimha – Nandi Hills

We have visited Tipu’s Drop were Tipu made his prisoners fall, Tipu’s Summer Palace and Brahmashram Cave. While coming back we have also visited Nandi Temple situated at the Nandi Village. But at last, we got a glimpse of sun in Nandi Hills and we experienced one of the best views of the sun.

Sun in Foggy Morning - Nandi Hills
Sun in Foggy Morning – Nandi Hills


Glance of Sun - Nandi Hills
Glance of Sun – Nandi Hills



So if you are still thinking of going to the Nandi Hills than taking time out of your busy life and go there in any of the weekends to experience the natural beauty and to get relaxed.

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