View from Top of Anthargange Mountain

Visit to Antharagange Caves in Kolar, Karnataka

Antharagange Caves is located in the Antaragange mountain which is part of the shathashrunga mountain range and is only 3 kilometers from Kolar and around 65 kilometers from Bangalore.

We started from Bangalore around 9 Am and it took us around 2 hours to reach Kolar and again 15 minutes to reach Anthragange. We parked the vehicle at the base and given Rs 10 as parking fee. Then we started walking towards the Kashivishweshwara temple, which has around 300 steps but well maintained and comfortable. The path was surrounded by trees on both sides and also had seats to sit and relax.

Steps to Kashivishweshwara temple at Anthragange

Just behind the temple, there is the route which leads to the forest/caves. It is written Not Allowed but people do enter the forest. We loved the scenery at every point as we climb up the mountain. You will find a lot of boulders in a way which you have to climb.

Trekking towards the Caves

We are not an avid trekker so we have to take rest every 15 minutes because we were getting exhausted. Not only for being exhausted, but we were taking rest by looking at the scenery too.

Antharagange Mountain View
Antharagange Mountain View

After walking for 45 minutes we reached to the caves, we got inside the caves and lost our way so its better to take some guide with you. But our lost way is actually good for us because we saw some good views from teh other side of the mountains.

Visuals from Inside the Caves


View from Top of Anthargange Mountain

Few points for the Trekking :

  1. Wear Lose Dresses instead of Jeans.
  2. Keep Torch and Water Bottle with you.
  3. Do not carry food and eatables as there are monkeys who can snatch it with you.
  4. Do take local boys as guide otherwise you might get lost in Caves.
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